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Holiday Hairstyle Inspiration

Hey! I haven't posted anything a long time ago... sorry about that. But I'm very happy today, because here, it's Christmas! I've spent this day wathching some Christmas movies like 'Home Alone' with my family and of course, eating! And I am so excited, so It seemed nice to post sometnig finaly. So, these are my top three festive, kinda, holiday inspired hairstyles, and I have a tutorial for each one of them! I hope you'll enjoy it! And Merry Christmas to everyone who is celebrating it today just like me!!!

No1: Loosley Curled Chignon
This is a tutorial I found on She Lets Her Hair Down, (actually I found all of these tutorials there) and I really like that blog! It's so inspirational, and you can really find any hair tutorial! I love it, thank you! 

Prep your hair by spraying hair spray all over it and brushing it through twice to have a texture that can easily be molded. You need that "dirty" texture in order for your hair to hold a curl and to achieve a hairstyle like this. 

Separate a section of hair at the top of your head and clip it out of the way.
Curl all of the rest of your hair in whichever direction you'd like. This doesn't need to have a rhyme or reason to it because it is just to give your hair texture. Once it is all curled, separate the curled hair into two equal sections and twist them until you reach your ends. 

Keep twisting them together and overlap the two sections over and over to create a loose bun at the back of your head. Pin the bun in place using strong bobby pins. Don't make it too tight on the sides. Take down the section of hair at the top of your head and curl it all going back and away from your face. Loosely separate the curls with your fingers.

Bring the curled hair at the top of your head back towards your bun and twist the ends so you can pin it into place. Loosely pin the top section towards the back using hair pins. The look should be loose and have a little bit more volume at the top than on the sides. 

No2: Mini Crown Braid
As always, it's best to have slightly dirty hair so your braids stay in place and so you can easily attach pins into your hair. Here are some products you can use to give your hair that "dirty hair" texture.

 Start with a small triangle section on one side of your middle part. Split that small section into three smaller sections. Start a normal three strand braid by taking the section that is closest to your middle part and bringing it under the middle section making it now the middle section. Now take the section closest to your forehead and bring it under the middle section.

You're now going to add hair to your three strand braid by taking a long section from your middle part to where your braid is laying. Add that hair into the section that is closest to your middle part.

Now take that whole section under the middle one making it the new middle. Next, take the section closest to your forehead and bring it under the middle section (you're not adding hair on this side). Now you will repeat steps 4 and 5 until you reach the end of your middle part (about 3 times).

After reaching the end of your middle part, you will continue braiding like normal without adding hair.
Once you absolutely can't braid that hair anymore, you can tie it off with a small elastic band or with a bobby pin.Repeat the same braid on the other side and secure it at the end.

Wrap each braid around your head and pin the ends into the braid on the other side. Hide your pins and the ends of your hair by tucking them under the other braid. It might help to add some hairspray to the spot where you will pin the ends into to make sure the pins and braid stay in place.

No3: Stars Chignon
I already posted a very similar tutrorial, you can look up the tutrorial here. But If you would like if you want to look up the whole tutorial go to She Lets Her Hair Down. Here's a quick gif to show you how to warp the chignon, and for the rest well, I already posted the link. 
Don't forgent to get the "dirty" texture, it's essential. You will need strong bobbi pins, hairspray and an  festive accessorie (optional).  

The star bobbi pins are as I said, optional. Here is the original DIY tutorial for the star bobbi pins that she used here, or you can buy also similar bobbi pins on Ebay

Good luck!

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