Senin, 19 November 2012

Red carpet: Kristen Stewart looks at the 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' premieres

Hey guys! I've been following the events that have been happening in the past few weeks and one of them in the wold premiere of the last epic ending of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2'. I haven't watched it still, but I will soon. Untill that, here's the total roundup from all of the looks that Kristen wore at the premieres in L.A, London, Madrid and Berlin.

First, there's the picutre from the L.A. premiere and she looked so divine. With that transparent nude lace that creates that certan look,  and with the makeup she was so elegant that i can't even. But, enought about that.

The second pic is a very bold look. I liked that she goes a little bold in fashion. Anyway that nice transparent black laced overall is very nice. Feminine. I liked it!

Okay, so the next dress is from the Madrid premiere and is much less elegant than the other dresses. But that is a very flirty, summer dress in the color - fluorescent yellow, and we can's forget the heels. They are like a big finishing touch to the look and breaking all the yellow.

At the end there's the beautiful gold dress (wich is my favorite) at the Berlin premiere. I just love the way the dress looks on her, and the beautiful gold makeup, made her look fawless.  But which one of these is your favorite? 

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