Senin, 14 Januari 2013

Big Classic Bouffant

I really am a fan of this look, and I always was. It's so classic, feminine and the dramatic cat eye eyeliner is probably my absolute favorite look, although I don't wear it. Anyway, I found this handy tutorial on Bobby Glam Blog, and If you want to check it out you will find lots of these classic hair tutorials. 

Firstly, you need to fit the Hair Booty hair extension to help achieve a big bouffant to rival Brigitte Bardot’s! You need to take a section from the front of your hair to pull back over the Hair Booty once it has been fitted. Like you can see in the pics above, if you have a fringe like me, take the section from behind your fringe. If not, begin so you are in line with your temple. Take a section about 2cm wide to cover the Booty.
Take the sectioned hair and secure with a sectioning clip to keep it out of the way whilst you are fitting your Hair Booty.
Now you need to fit your Hair Booty, the trick here is to put the Booty quite high up on your head as it creates a much bigger and more voluminous bouffant. So the clips of the Booty will be fitted on to the top of your head, with some falling around your crown area. Now, if you’re wanting a super duper bouffant you could always backcomb your hair before you fit the Booty. If you don’t want oodles of volume, you can skip this step … totally up to you.

Once you have your Booty fitted you then need to un-clip the section that you sectioned off in step 1. This will be pulled over to cover the Hair Booty. Backcomb this section a little and spritz with hairspray to ensure all of it is covered.
Pull all of your hair over to one side and secure in place with bobby pins. The side you choose is completely up to you; generally the same side as your fringe works best.

Then if you have a fringe, you need to pull this over and secure neatly with a bobby pin. If you don’t have a fringe you can just pull a section of hair to the side and secure it with a bobby pin too … it should still look the same.
Next you need to take your hair straighteners or curling tongs, whichever you prefer, and carefully add a few curls throughout the ends of your hair. Be sure to start the curl from the mid-lengths of your hair to achieve that classical look!

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