Selasa, 24 Juli 2012

New In: Spring Sweater & DIY Shorts

Hey everyone! I just came back from the town, well more shopping. I was so excited to show you my new soft & a little lacy spring grey sweater. I have loved these kinds of sweaters since I knew for myself. They are very useful. If, let's say spring isn't very warm like expected, or when those summer nights get a little chilly.

A few days ago, I used some old jeans to make this cool shorts that you see. It took me less than 5 min to make it . And I know that mostly all of you know the simple steps for turning some old jeans into a shorts, but still, if I already photographed it, why not post it?

As you can see, It's really fluffy & soft. And the dark grey color looks great. It can be worn with a tank underneath, just because it has those little dimples all over it. But it's also very warm, and made of wool. It's just a casual look that i love. 

And here's the simple quick DIY project. Using a pen, mark the length of your new shorts. Note: mark it to be a little longer that you want just so you could fold the ends. Cut the jeans by following the line. After that fold the ends - see picture 3. Sew it on the sides so it won't fold back. To secure everything, iron the ends, from the front side and back side. Well that's it, have you made any DIY shorts recently?

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