Senin, 23 Juli 2012

Inside Out French Braid & Twist

If you need to go on some important event, and there's a problem. Your hair. How to make it look perfect with enough romantic look and enough sophistication? And plus, if you're having a bad hair day? The answer is very simple - inside out french braid. It'll correct your bad hair day, and the thickness of the hair is not important. My biggest tip is to let it be a little messy. Hairspray is not used here, but if your hair has layers, use some flexible and strong hairspray. Thank you The Beauty Dep. for sharing!

Divide your hair diagonally into 3 sections. Push the 2 side sections in front of your shoulders. Do an inside out french braid. You'll need to go just past the bottom hairline so you'll have the room to tuck the hair under later. Gently and slowly, pull the french braid apart. Keep pulling until it starts to look like "loops". If those with layers have a problem in this part, just use some hairspray and tuck in some loose pieces. Now, tuck in the tail of the braid under and pin it in place (try to use large bobby pins). It should look like this - see photo 5. Next take one of your side pieces and tease them. Then twist and drape it across the back. Pin it and repeat the process on the other side. Add extra bobby pins if you think some parts are loose. 

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