Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Happy 4th Of July!

Happy Independence Day to all of you! Even thought I'm not celebrating it, I seem to like the holiday very much. So, I've found some amazing hair tutorials for this special day. And also wanted to share some very yummy summer treats that I'm about to try today!

First of, here is the Firecracker Ice Pops recipe by Martha Stewart! They look so delicious and sweet!

And here's the list of Independence Day hairstyles that you can try. I've chose the three very simple and cute tutorials. As you can see, everything includes braids. I think they are very appropriate for holidays. First there's the fishtail braid. I really like them and they are easy to make. Second, there's the waterfall braid. And at the end, there's the third one -  one side braid-bun. Sadly, I don't have that hair tutorial in my blog archive, so try something similar here!

Happy holidays friends! 

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