Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

How To: Long Hair Elegant Updo

 If you have an event coming soon, and you need a beautiful elegant hairstyle, you don't need to look for it anymore! This amazing creative tutorial I've found on Pinterest yesterday. And as you can see it's an updo, so you can't make a mistake with your hair style. You might think that the girl is using thread, but it's just hair. I'm sure ( because I didn't try this hairstyle ) that it's going to be hard for those who want to make it. A friend's help is always welcome in this situations. Curl your hair before you begin!! 

Let's start!  Take a inch thick piece of your hair and twist it. Hold one tiny strand at the end, and push the remaining up into a ringlet on your head. Warp the remaining strand around the ringlet and use a bobby pin to pin it. Then ask a friend to help you recreate the top image and pin ringlets all the way around. Good luck!   

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