Rabu, 30 Mei 2012

Trend: Nude Color

Oh my! So many time has passed since the last trend post. I almost forgot about it. And there are new fashion trends where ever I turn around! I'm very sure that the most of you already heard about the nude color. It goes with everything, but really everything. What I like the most, are the nude tops, blouses ( nude blouses are the must have this season! Be sure to get one! ) or dresses. The most beautiful combinations with nude palette are black, pink, blue... Be sure to have matching shoes. You always need to have something matching with nude. Also the haute couture runway can't got without this color ( the most common pieces are those with nude colored feathers and sparkles ). At the end there is not much to say, the color is just perfect & very simple to combine. Tell me about your nude palette pieces from your closet here! ( <-- click! ). See you next time!

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