Kamis, 14 Juni 2012

How To: Quick Twist Bun for Med & Short Hair

Since the formation of LMH, I've been getting a lot of requests to post a beautiful hair tutorial for medium and short length hair. And it's true. There's not much to work with. But as I was researching, I've accidentally bumped on this picture and decided to post it. Tools you're going to need are: bobby pins, hairspray and if you want to put an accessory as a cherry on the top. Source - The Beauty Department. Thank you for sharing!

Prepare yourself by giving some texture to your hair. If you have curly hair, you're set. If not, use an iron to curl everything away from the face. Let's begin! Take the entire left side and start twisting it near your ear. Twist it tight and then after you pin everything - loose it up. Stop just past the middle and add a large bobby pin for more support. You can see where it was placed on the down left side of the picture. When putting the bobby pin, go back against the hair, almost like you're inserting it inside of the twist you just created! 

Now gather all of the hair on the right, along with the hair left out from the other side and twist UP. Position it over the first twist and pin again with a large bobby pin. Tuck in the hair that's left out into the twist and add more bobby pins to secure everything. If your hair is too short, just add an accessory.  At the end, check your hair from the sides and back to make sure that it's all balanced. Loosen it up with your fingers or pull out some pieces around you face to get and more romantic vibe. Then, add a veil of hairspray! 

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