Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Summer Nights/Floral Hair Tutorial

This tutorial is very girly and femmene, perfect way to combine braids and flowers. To be presice, the cute small wildflowers. It's simple, using the overlapping technique, and the basic braid, you can get this look in no time! Thanks again to Sincerely, Kinsey for sharing this amazing tutorial.

Preparation: You can curl your hair a day before, just so it will be easy to work with it. You'll need bobby pins and wildflowers (real or faux). Ok, start with your hair down. Begin with a small strand from each side of your head, close to your ear, warp it around to the opposite side and pin it (like in this tutorial). Repeat the process ntill you get the look from the fourth picture. After that, create a semi-loose braid with the best of your hair. Lastly, add flowers throughout your braid! 

Have a nice day friends! 

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