Jumat, 17 Agustus 2012

Ombre Hair Is Back

Most of you would say "Oh please, that's so last year's hairstyle", but I don't think so. Well yes it was a trend one or two years ago, but it's back! After the big pastel hair hit for summer, it became the new hair trend for this Autumn 2012 collection (my source - British Vouge). There are so many types of ombre hair, but I'm thinking on brown to pale blonde ends (I prefer that look better) or you can just play with colours. A whole host of colour combinations were on show at Prada.

img source - Zoella 

A lot of women ask what to tell their hairdresser so they could get the look that ther're asking for. The answer is very simple, just show them a picture and they'll know exactly what to do. But if you really don't  have any money, you can go and try to find some online tutorials for a DIY ombre hair look. I've alredy searched a little bit, and found a great tutorial also on Zoella - DIY Ombre Hair. Tell me what you think! 

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