Rabu, 18 April 2012

Trend: Beautiful Lace/Spring Perfect

Sorry for not posting lately. I was kinda busy. As you can see, there is a slash behind these last, I think, two posts, and behind it says 'Spring Perfect'. I put that so you can get a to-do list for this spring, so you can always  be in-tuned for this springs trends! Hope it's going to bee useful!

Another thing that brings out the femininity in a woman is lace. So beautiful and enough elegant for every day wear, it's not a surprise that they became a hit right away! And now you can find them on dresses, tops and even shorts! If you want a lace top or dress I recommend you look in Zara stores ( <-- click! ) because I saw a lot of those clothes there. I'm really in love with lace at the moment, they look so vintage and what I really really love is that they are ( as I said ) enough elegant for you to wear them everyday! And they go great with only one colored piece ( like lace top and black skirt ). But, if you want, there are also colored lace clothes. Honestly, I recommend to you to try it!

all of the images are from We Heart It 

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