Kamis, 12 April 2012

How To: Hayley Williams Inspired Make-Up Tutorials

The lead singer of a legend band named - Paramore , Hayley Williams, is a real presenter of the girls alternative rock scene. I heard about Paramore years ago, but I didn't know any of they'r songs... So, one day I turned on the TV and heard the song "Monster". I've got interested and went to You-Tube and found a lot more songs. And today, I'm addicted to them. My favorite songs are:
-"The Only Exception" 
-"Decode" .... and much more
So, in the honor of my favorite rock singer, who's hair is made of real fire ;), I will post a quick make up tutorial, because the only thing you need to do to get her hairstyle is to dye your hair into fire orange. But, if you want I can post a special tutorial for that kind of hairstyle.

Let's get started! This is a make-up tutorial from the "Misery Business" video. It's pretty and it goes with a colorful and happy outfit. Perfect for a sunny day and a walk through the city. Use a gold shadestick. But, be careful, this is not a everyday make up, if you wear it at day, you will look too flamboyant, and that's not very smart. Good luck! I really like it!

And the second make up video is inspired by the song " The Only Exception" and it's much more natural. And simpler. You will need some nude colors.

All of the pictures are from We Heart It and Google

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