Jumat, 03 Mei 2013

Clip in bangs - Zooey Deschanel look

Hey everyone! Today is a very special day here! It's the day before Easter and everyone is painting egs and just enjoying this great sunny weather! And since I'm feeling very excited, I thought that I should post something also very spring inspired - the Zooey Deschanel inspired hairstyle!  This tutorial I've found on Bobby Glam and I must say, all of their tutorials and posts are absoloutley amazing! All very nicely put together, I love it! I also have to say that the girl in the tutorial used a clip in fringe that you can buy in their shop here.

For the full tutorial, here is the video! 
It's a very classy look, prefect if you want to try something new! And while creating this hairstyle, don't panic if the moment you put you fringe in place it doesn't look good. 
It just needs a little ajusment and practice. Soon I'll
post a similar tutorial also incuding bangs, but created
in a different way, so untill then, have fun creating this,
fun, edgy but still very classy hairstyle!

Happy Friday friends! 

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