Minggu, 09 September 2012

Ashley Benson's Loose Curls/Apreciacion Post

Wow, 40,124 views are mind-blowing!! And I've got to thank my amazing 40 followers, for following and reading! This blog started just as an idea, nothing more. Then when I made it, and started posting, it was really boring, there was no one to even view it. But, I don't know why, I never stopped writing and posting... that led to me desinig my blog for the first time. I liked it, and so my blog kinda lived up. And look at it now, I could never imagine that happening, so thank you!

And to show you my apreciacion, here's an amazing tutorial. I was getting requests to post an medium length hair tutorial. I was thinking that curls look great on that length. Sure, all of you are familiar with the Pretty Little Liars series. I fel in love with Hanna's curls. They have that beachy, summery look, and it's easy to achieve! I love it! For extra tips and products that could help you with the look click here!

Who's you favorite character in PLL? Mine is Hanna! 

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